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Music Lover, Local Celebrity, Male Model........ (Now taking bookings) and a very lucky man!

hello and thank you for visiting our website and hopefully tuning into Smart Radio! I am a lucky guy as in my life I have had two main passions and have been lucky enough to achieve something in them both. Writing, and I published my first book The Tribune, available on Amazon as a digital download or paperback copy, a couple of years ago and of course music.

Music has been in my life since I was 11 when one Christmas my parents bought me a cassette recorder - for you youngsters out there that’s an iPod from the 70’s! - and the single tape I had, given by a family friend had Elvis one side & Neil Sedaka the other. I played that tape until it wore out and my love of music was born. At the age of Sixteen I found myself DJing & loving music in all it’s forms & genres even more.

I finally made it to the airwaves & the medium of radio a couple of years ago on a local station & the drive & passion for radio it instilled within me was all I required to know I could never stay & be truly happy. I needed to start my own station. I needed to wake up every day & know that I was more than a small cog in the wheel. I wanted my own team, my own fun and my own family of passionate people around me. In Smart Radio I have that and every day is a joy to approach.

My former mentor said to me one day,”Learn your craft, get comfortable in ‘The Chair’ and do the best show you can. If some other station comes looking for you or you start your own station, then we have done our job and done it well and all the best to you.” Great words which again, if truthful, started my dream.

I’m looking forward to the future and everything the daily challenges brings and thanks to my team, my ‘Smarties’ I know it’s now going to be a reality and more than a little easier with their help. I look forward to chatting to you all, wherever you may be in the world and remember, Keep It Smart!


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