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Mr Polland, New to our team but, a true Radio Professional. With a wealth of experience and a humour and presenting style I’m sure you will all grow to love and ask for more of please let him know how much you enjoy him whenever he’s on air. And no… He doesn’t wear a kilt!

Born in Scotland I well remember those long, hard winters in the early sixties. It was during the winter, around Christmas, that my love for radio and music began, when my parents bought me the smallest of transistor radios, as a gift from good old Santa.

I snuggled under the blankets, listening to Radio Luxembourg via an earpiece, late into the night and the old medium wave used to fade in and out, but I didn't care as The Beatles and the likes were on for my enjoyment! Then came Pirate Radio and everything changed forever.

My move into radio came in 1983 when I became a producer with hospital radio and later moved to presenting. I then took a break, but missed it desperately and so went back to hospital radio before moving onto Community Radio, then finally Internet Radio. Having Been a Presenter for some years now, I've found you’re always learning new things, which basically means I’m still training and one day I might even be good at it!

Now, up to the present day we come and my move to Smart Radio! I am thrilled to be part of the team here at Smart Radio GY, becoming a Smartie and I look forward to the shows ahead and the new adventure which lies ahead!


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